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17 Jan 2013

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing. If this is your first pregnancy, you are going to need loads of advice. If you've had a child before then you may already know what to expect but wish to improve your experience this next time. The article that follows is for anyone that is going to be dealing with pregnancy soon.

Eat and drink properly to eliminate stretch marks during pregnancy. Make sure you get plenty of essential fatty acids every day. These fatty acids supply the correct fats for your body's proper functioning. Flax seed or fish oil is another supplement that you may want to consider.

Eat frequent small meals in order to calm your upset stomach. By eating tinier meals, you keep something in your stomach most of the time, which can help with the upset stomach. Also, eat light meals filled with light, fresh ingredients. Fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as lean meats go a long way.

You should eat high-fiber foods like cereals and wheat bread to avoid getting constipated while pregnant. The cause of this constipation is hormonal. Not only is constipation uncomfortable; it may also lead to [read] other gastrointestinal afflictions.

You should take a child birth class. Sign up early to make sure you get a spot in the class. Breastfeeding classes are another great idea. These classes will prepare you for what will come in the future.

If you become pregnant, you must talk to your dentist. Some doctors don't allow their patients to undergo dental x-rays while pregnant. Exposing your fetus to x-rays is worse than waiting to get your teeth fixed. You might also ask your dentist about using teeth bleaching kits or fillings during pregnancy. Make sure your dentist is aware that you are pregnant before agreeing to any procedures.

Talk to a practitioner before you engage in getting pregnant. This way, you will know what you should expect before the process begins. Also, be very sure that your body and your mind are ready. If you aren't ready to have a baby, then wait until the time is right.

Kegel exercises can also make a difference. These exercises can help strengthen your core for giving birth. Repeat 10 times and hold for 3 seconds. If you do them regularly, they will help make your pelvic floor stronger, which makes for an easier delivery. These exercises also help correct any incontinence problems.

If you have a medical condition or a cold, try to use non-medical treatments. Common OTC medications may not be good for your baby. Do some research on remedies that will be safe for both you and baby. Your doctor may also have some advice to give you as well.

During your pregnancy, you should apply more sunblock than you might otherwise use, and at a higher potency. The sun's rays promote melanin production, which leads to a condition called "pregnancy mask." That is when your entire face becomes red, and it is something you can avoid.

You have now read an amazing article about pregnancy, so you should feel more confident about the process. Pregnancy is an amazing time, but it is not always easy. This article realizes that, and has provided good tips to make pregnancy easier.


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