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12 Jan 2013

Whether you're pregnant or trying to become pregnant, there are so many tips out there. But, by heeding the advice in this piece, you will have a good beginning in terms of understanding what is to come.

Be sure to get control of stretch marks. Even what you eat during pregnancy can affect the appearance of stretch marks. If you have a healthy diet, your skin will stay healthy. Adopting a healthy diet will help you control your weight gain and perhaps reduce your stretch marks.

Go to every prenatal appointment to ensure the health of you and your baby. Appointments are always scheduled at deliberate points in time, as a way for your doctor to keep track of your progress. Keep your appointments and keep healthy!

Keep your stress controlled while you are pregnant by staying proactive on your responsibilities. Ask for help when you need it; friends and family will be anxious to help you in any way they can. There may also be items from your list which you can eliminate completely.

When filling up your tank of gas, ask for assistance. Gas fumes can actually have a negative impact on your unborn child. It is far better to get help than to risk any harm.

You should have a hospital bag ready and waiting by the time you are in your third trimester. Waiting too long is just asking for Murphy's Law to kick in and leave you at the hospital with no supplies. You need a camera, insurance cards, birth plan, and batteries.

Be sure to take a tour of your birth facility. It is especially important if this is your first child so that you know what it will look like. It can also help when it is time to give birth since you will have an idea of what will happen and where you need to go.

Try not to gain so much weight while you are pregnant. If you put on too much weight while pregnant, you risk impacting your health later, as the weight will be difficult to take off. You should not gain more than thirty pounds over your entire pregnancy if you had an average weight in the beginning.

Sleep may be very hard to come by while pregnant. Particularly during the third trimester, sleeping can be somewhat uncomfortable. Exercise has been shown to lessen the likelihood of leg cramps. Also, do not drink or eat a lot before you go to bed.

To give your baby a healthy start in life, make sure you change to a healthy diet while pregnant. If you're a poor eater, you need to make some changes. Eat plenty of fruits, veggies and protein starting now.

Doing kegel exercises is very helpful. No one will know you are doing them, and you can do them anywhere and any time. You will want to hold for three seconds, and do sets of ten. Kegel exercises help strengthen pelvic muscles and ease delivery. If you have incontinence issues, these exercises may help with that as well.

It's important to know as much as possible before your baby is due. Pregnancy, while a very joyous time, can also be rather overwhelming.


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